Soluzione di Island of Secrets

island of secrets

words understood:

get, take, go, give, drop, leave, eat
drink, ride, open, pick, chop, chip
tap, break, fight, strike, attack, hit
kill, swim, shelter, help, scratch
catch, rub, polish, read, examine, fill
say, wait, rest, wave, info, quit

apple, egg, flower, jug, rag, parchment
torch, pebble, axe, rope, staff, coal
flint, hammer, canyonbeast, loaf, melon
biscuits, mushrooms, bottle, water, wine
sap, boat, chest, column, stone
trapdoor, villager, liquor, swampman
sage, books, roots, wraiths, cloak
omegan, snake, logmen, scavenger, median

north, south, east, west, up, down,
in, out

xsave, xload


Unfortunately, some events occur randomly in this adventure, therefore
it's impossible to write a full step-by-step solution.

It would be possible, of course, to "xsave" when random events can
occur, and "xload" if they do so differently than in the solution.
However, this is only truly necessary in very few special cases.
Most times, the situation can be recovered.

If you're randomly transported to different places by the logmen,
for instance, you can just use the map to navigate back to where you
needed to go. If your items are stolen, they can always be found at
the logmen's place, so you can go there and recover them.

If you're locked in the storeroom, you can escape as follows:
open trapdoor, go down.
This takes you to the "swimming in the poisonous waters" subroutine.
Keep swimming northwards (n) to have the highest chances of making it
out alive (incidentally, this also applies if you attempt to swim on
your own - the Island of Secrets can't be reached by swimming).

Remember to keep your strength high, by eating and drinking. You should
keep your strength above 50 at all times, otherwise Alphan will
randomly drop objects. Once on the Island of Secrets, your strength
should be kept above 80 (or even above 100 if possible), and the sum of
strength and wisdom should be kept above 180. This is useful to avoid
bad consequences from meeting Omegan or the ghosts of the well of

The verb 'give' is used with only the object to give; you will be asked
whom you want to give the object subsequently. In this solution, this
is written as if you were supplying two commands, like this:
"give apple, snake".

The numbers in parentheses refer to the number of the location you
should be at, so that you can use the map to make sure you're on the
right track. This will also be useful in case some random event
transports you elsewhere.


(your adventure begins 'on a leafy path')

s, e, e, s, (45) take apple, give apple, snake, w, take loaf,
take bottle, open chest, take rag, take hammer, e, s, e, s, e,
(67) take flint, w, n, w, n, n, w, w, w, w, s, (41) take jug,
fill jug, n, e, e, n, w, n, w, s, (21) take mushrooms, take parchment,
n, e, e, e, e, (15) rub stone, rub stone, take pebble, w, s, w, s,
e, e, s, s, w, w, (53) take axe, s, s, w, w, (71) scratch sage,
take flower, e, e, e, e, (75) give water, villager, take staff, e, e

(from this point onwards, when you first see the swampman, do as
follows before proceeding: "give jug, swampman")

(77) break roots, take sap, e, e, e, (80) take coal, w, w, n, n,
(58) break column, take chip, e, e, take biscuits, s, w, w, s,
w, w, w, w, w, n, n, w, s, (62) take rope, n, n, take melon, take wine,
e, n, n, e, n, n, (now go east and west until you meet a canyonbeast:
you can meet one at location number 4 or 5), catch canyonbeast,
(if you're in the corral, go west to the carnivorous tree, loc. 4),
s, s, e, (25) ride canyonbeast, e, s, s, take egg, n, n, w, w, w, s

(make sure you haven't lost any object; if needed, go back where you
dropped them or at location 42 if they were stolen. Then, in location
33 or 73, wait until the boatman shows up, and don't forget to eat
and drink. When you meet the boatman, proceed as follows. You can't
go back, so now is a good time to save your game!)

go boat

(you are taken to the Island of Secrets, location 57: keep your
strength high!)

n, say stony words, n, n, take torch, e, wave torch, s, give chip,
scavenger, give flower, scavenger, say remember old times

(the scavenger becomes Median, who follows you from this point onwards)


(now you are told "you are in here", and exits are random; keep going
north until you succeed. If you enabled the "visible exits" cheat,
and find that you can go east, then go east, north, and west. You
should be at the "well of despair", and you should keep your strength
above 80, even above 100 if possible)

n, n, e, (10) leave egg, leave coal

(now, in order to complete the adventure, Omegan must be in the
sanctum. If he's not, try to "take cloak": this will fail, but Omegan
will come to defend his property ;)

give pebble, median, hit flint, break staff

(congratulations, you have solved "Island of Secrets"! :)

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