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Metodi Di Trasferimento 1541->pc
« il: 27 Marzo 2006, 23:41:31 »
 Interessante tabella nata in una discussione su comp.sys.cbm:
Star Commander and XE1541
Pros: Tons of features, works with many file formats and inside D64/T64,
excellent documentation.
Cons: Requires rebooting to DOS so you lose long filenames, NTFS,
networking, etc.
Approximate Cost: $15 for XE1541 and $5 for the 1541.  Possibly $10 for a
dedicated DOS computer.

cbm4win with GUI and XM1541
(Disclaimer:  I wrote the GUI)
Pros: Works within Windows, point+click.  Copy single files or D64 images.
Cons:  Can't edit D64s etc or copy single files from them.  D64 copy is slow
(about 3 minutes)
Approximate Cost: $15 for XM1541 and $5 for the 1541.

Pros: Ideal for mass transfer.
Cons: IDE64 doesn't work with D64s directly.  Only works to transfer files
from the PC to the C64.  IDE64 is pretty expensive.
Approximate Cost: ~$150 for IDE64 and $20 for a CD-ROM drive.

IDE64 PCLink
Pros: Server runs in Windows or Linux.  You can copy files to/from the C64,
or just run directly off the PC hard drive.  Perfect for cross-development.
Cons: IDE64 doesn't work with D64s directly.  IDE64 is pretty expensive.
Approximate Cost: ~$150 for IDE64 and $10 for parts for the custom cable.

Pros: Blindingly fast.  Read a D64 in 22 seconds.  Read/write individual
files. Uses Ethernet for maximum 1337ness.
Cons: Write is very slow on NTSC systems.  RR and RR-Net are expensive.
Sometimes flaky.
Approximate Cost: 100 Euros

(Disclaimer, I don't own one, so this is based on online reviews)
Pros: Super easy to organize and write files with your PC.
Cons: Read only, no multi-file or direct D64 support.
Approximate Cost: 50 Euros

Null Modem with Terminal Programs
Pros: Well established method.
Cons: Can be slow depending on serial interface.  Tedious copying multiple
Approximate cost: $50 for a Turbo232, (can sometimes be found cheaper used),
$5 for null modem cable.
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