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Roger Kean


Major Sludgebucket:
Purtroppo notizie non buone da parte del leggendario Roger Kean, uno dei creatori di Zzap!64 (e Crash). : (
Questo andrà a incidere sul futuro dell'annuario di Zzap!64, ma ovviamente a questo punto è una cosa che passa parecchio in secondo piano.

At the end of October 1985 my father Joe Kean passed away from Motor Neurone Disease. In all that time, while physicians have gained a wider understanding of the multivarious symptoms, medical science has come no nearer to finding a cure, or even an ameliorating intervention.

I now confront the same condition my father faced some 37 years ago when he received his prognosis of two years – give or take.

The first manifestation became apparent after last Christmas. Consultation with neurophysiology at Hereford suggested that I should undergo electrical muscular tests to determine what was happening. Those, to take place in early April were postponed by the coronavirus until mid-July, and on the 30th I received the diagnosis that I do indeed have MND – better known in America as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Prognosis runs from a year to possibly five, all dependent on where the first manifestation started – upper limbs or bulbar (thoracic / larynx) region. In my case it’s not clear which it is, though I have symptoms in both regions.

Otherwise, as things stand I am fit, the main complaints being an inability to hold my head upright for long, weakness in the hands, with a lack of thumb-forefinger coordination (doing up shirt buttons is a nightmare and cookery and baking now a thing of the past), and increasingly impaired speech/swallowing.

I’m determined to remain cheerful and not let it get me down – I’m sure there will be time enough to feel sorry for myself farther down the road. So, I would ask everyone to feel the same way about it. However, this is this the reason why Chris Wilkins hinted a few weeks back that the current CRASH Annual will be the last I edit and lay out, although I will certainly complete the ZZAP!64 Annual 2021, which is currently some 60% done.

I felt it sensible to broadcast this rather than allow rumours to create confusion, and I wish to thank everyone who has already expressed sympathy and may well do so in the future.

Keep smiling.



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