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1 Dec 2004: A very important document has been added to the site. After a long and winding quest through the dark vaults of the internet, I have found the cover of the mythical 'Doublesider' tape from K-Tel containing It's Only Rock 'n' Roll and -of course- The Tomb of Dracula. The image comes from ZX Software, but It certainly deserves to be preserved here:

ToD Cover

Pretty scary, eh? I mean, that Rock 'n' Roll photo--

"Twice the fun with two on one". (K-Tel)

26 Jun 2004: Man, I haven't updated this website in more than 4 months! And you know what? People still come here form time to time. Now the question is "Why?". What are they looking for, for goodness' sake??? Anyway, a lot of highly interesting things have happened during the last few months, so here we go...

In the first place, I have officially joined the stupendous Papposoft team. My first work with them was the sadly underrated Space Crap Zero - Attack of the Purple Balls, maybe the most impressive C64 shoot 'em up in the last 10 years (okay, the first Space Crap was slightly better).

After that we worked on Space Crap 2 - Revenge of Krazar (an ambitious sequel that is still in the making) and I wrote Space Crap 3 - May the Crap be with You: this one is almost complete, but we want to finish SC2 first: otherwise our fans would lose their bearings in the complex plot of the Space Crap Saga.

We are also working on a breath-taking RPG that will see the light of day later than you think. Be warned, it will be a real cracker.

But that's not all: in these days we are producing crap games for the exhilarating C64 Crap Games Competition 2004. We have just submitted our first entry, the incredible Catch Them Up! (follow the link and grab it!), and there is more crappy stuff in the making. Don't forget to play these new Papposoft productions, you will not regret it.

Oh, and I'm working on a small game for the MiniGame Compo 2004. Be sure to visit it from time to time, the game will be there sooner or later.

And what about The Tomb of Dracula, by the way? Well, it has been recently uploaded to Magyar Commodore 64 H. Q., one of the biggest C64 game archives out there. So now you can also find the game there in case you are interested (?).

As for my personal life: there is a lot to say, but I will leave that for the next update. I can promise shocking revelations! :)

5 Feb 2004: ToDR has been reviewed by Game Over(view). 'Arbitrary' rating: 59 %. Considering the critical history of the game since 1983, this is certainly a pretty benevolent score :)

25 Jan 2004: Blazon did it again! They have released Tomb of Dracula Reloaded under their label. Click here to see their work. 

20 Jan 2004: Excellent news today. The ultimate version of TToD, also known as Tomb of Dracula Reloaded, is finally among us! And these are the new features:

-Music by Richard Bayliss. The Tomb is no longer a silent place! Richard Bayliss, of Baloonacy fame (and author of the excellent Bomb Chase), has composed a gloomy, scary, beautiful soundtrack for ToDR.

-Not only that: Richard has also created a new charset for the game, as well as a very nice intro. In short, the whole thing looks great. Many thanks to the man from The New Dimension, who is currently working on Grid Zone, his new C64 production.

-Difficulty level selection implemented. Now you can choose between three different levels:

Easy: Normal game. It works just like the Spectrum version: a lot of empty vaults here (at least until Dracula awakes!).

Medium: More Ghouls, more Zombies, more Slime Pits, but NOT more stakes. For brave adventurers only.

Hard: Total carnage. Play it at your own risk.

-A new end sequence for those who succeed!

Credits for this version would be as follows:

Programming / Graphics: Piti AKA The Tomb Keeper

Music / Charset / Intro: Richard Bayliss

Fixed / Optimized by: iAN CooG

Many thanks to Richard and iAN for their help and unlimited patience. Thank you for coming, and enjoy the game (if you can)! :)

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17 Jan 2004: The final version of TToD is now in the capable hands of Richard Bayliss/TND who will add some music and a new font to the game. Thank you Richard, and good luck! :)

15 Jan 2004: There's a very nice review of The Tomb of Dracula at The Scene Review. Seven out of ten: not bad at all :)

13 Jan 2004: Strange things are happening. Believe it or not, The Tomb of Dracula has been cracked! The magnificent Blazon crack has been carefully placed into the downloads vault. They destroyed Dracula's head, but it's still a nice job. After this crack was done,  iAN CooG/HokutoForce+TWT sent me a fixed/protected version of the game. iAN's version is so neat that it has replaced my original. By the way, I'm currently working on the final version of TToD, which hopefully will be released very soon. See you later.

11 Jan 2004: The Tomb of Dracula is born! First release of the most thrilling C64 game since Scarabaeus.


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