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Papposoft produce cool and unpredictable games for the Commodore 64 Machine, since 2004.

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23 Nov 2008 by Rob
Coming Soon... from outer space... Space Crap III!
As a singularity is approaching the galaxy the natural order of Space Crap episodes got scrambled.

While Space Crap - 2nd chapter is lost in time and space the Space Crap III surfaces from the obscurity of Universe...

Coming Soon (or not so soon maybe, ma definitely "Coming") on your monitor.
Fasten your seat duster.

19 Jun 2007 by Rob
Q-Game reviewed by RGCD!
RGCD #2 has been released yesterday and it contains, along with other interesting articles, a review of Q-Game.

RGCD is a new, enthusiastic disc-magazine mainly focused on new releases for older Machines.


04 Feb 2007 by Rob
QGame released
Albman joins the Team and provides to the world a new piece of Software called QGame, which is arguably the most serious Papposoft's Game ever!
"Heavy Hand" help from Ian Coog and Music from TSM.
Qgame Page

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